Sponsors for this Year’s CloudStack Collaboration Conference

June 11, 2024

The CloudStack Collaboration Conference is set for November 20-22nd in Madrid. This much-anticipated event promises to be a hub of innovation, networking, and knowledge sharing, all centred around the dynamic world of CloudStack.

However, none of this would be possible without the incredible support of our sponsors. Their contributions are the backbone of this event, ensuring that we can bring together a diverse community of developers, users, and CloudStack enthusiasts. The funds raised by our sponsors go directly into making the CloudStack Collaboration Conference a reality, covering everything from venue arrangements to catering.

This blog delves into each sponsor’s services, how they contribute to the CloudStack community and why they have chosen to sponsor the event.


“ShapeBlue is the largest independent integrator of CloudStack technologies globally. We combine hundreds of man-years of experience designing and building complex cloud, network, and storage infrastructure with globally leading skills in Apache CloudStack. Our services include consulting, integration, training and infrastructure support. Our technical teams are all active contributors to the Apache CloudStack project, and a good percentage of our team are also project committers.

We are deeply committed to the Apache CloudStack community and helping companies, who would like to embrace the benefits of open-source technology. At ShapeBlue we believe that the usage of open-source solutions and CloudStack specifically, is the sustainable way in which businesses can ensure their profitability and vendor independence. 

As part of our team, we have 18 Project Committers and 8 PMC members. All our team members are active in the community and always available to help you learn more about the technology, set up your Apache CloudStack PoC, or resolve a technical issue. Beyond technical support, we are dedicated to promoting the project’s value proposition, organizing events and local user groups, and enhancing the project’s marketing and brand awareness.

For another year, ShapeBlue is supporting the CloudStack Collaboration Conference.

For us, this event is the annual highlight for the global CloudStack community. The opportunity to gather the entire community in one place is immensely valuable for both project development and community growth. Each year, we contribute to the conference by assisting with organisation, providing speakers, and organising workshops and interactive sessions. Every company that benefits from an open-source project should also give back. We look forward to meeting all partners, customers, and friends in Madrid.”


“LINBIT® is the force behind DRBD®, the de facto open source standard for high-availability (HA) software, and LINSTOR®, which manages data storage for enterprise virtualization and cloud computing. Both open-source software’s build the basis for our software-defined storage solution LINBIT SDS. It delivers ultra-fast, resilient block storage for private and cloud infrastructure. Using LINBIT SDS enables companies to use commodity hardware to create high-performance storage clusters. With an integration to CloudStack, LINBIT SDS simplifies building, running, and controlling block storage. It includes the DRBD Kernel Driver, LINSTOR Volume Manager, an intuitive GUI that simplifies multi-cluster management, and 24/7 support.

LINBIT’s main contribution to CloudStack is the LINSTOR driver. This driver not only brings a new driver for Primary Storage to CloudStack but also makes one of LINBIT’s developers an Apache contributor. With this driver, the whole LINSTOR/DRBD storage stack becomes available for CloudStack. This enables users to build performant storage for their Clouds with open-source software only out of commodity hardware. It comes with all features expected from a storage software stack: snapshots, synchronous replication for HA, optional encryption at rest, optional encryption in transit, asynchronous replication between sites, and continuous snapshot delta shipping for backup and disaster recovery purposes.

CCC is the premier event for meeting the CloudStack community, learning about cool projects for end customers, and hearing about the new features coming to CloudStack. LINBIT is proud to be at CCC for the third time. As open-source is in our company DNA, we feel right at home at the event about the greatest Open-Source software stack for building clouds. We are looking forward to meeting you at CCC in Madrid.”


“StorPool Storage is a block-storage platform designed for modern, large-scale cloud infrastructure. The platform delivers the ultimate speed, agility, scalability, and cost performance required by modern applications and users.

StorPool’s customers are IT service providers building public, private and hybrid clouds – typically Managed Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, hosting companies, SaaS vendors and other enterprises.

The StorPool Storage platform is a Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering, with a bring your own servers model. It combines software, plus a fully managed storage service that transforms industry-standard hardware into an ultra-fast, highly available and scalable storage system.

StorPool is a longtime supporter of the CloudStack community. Our data storage is a leading choice for CloudStack storage with a seamless integration.

A longtime supporter of the CloudStack community, StorPool delivers the ultimate modern data storage solution for Apache CloudStack primary and secondary storage needs. With Apache CloudStack and StorPool Storage, cloud providers, MSPs and enterprises can deploy a highly automated cloud that delivers the application performance and reliability our users need while easily addressing changes in user requirements over the long term.

StorPool is excited to support the CloudStack community once again at CCC 2024. The event is a great opportunity for our team to meet and reconnect with technical experts and CloudStack enthusiasts. Each year at this show, we look forward to learning from the attendees, hearing about their experiences in working with CloudStack, and diving into the storage layer to better understand the role data storage plays in the performance, scalability and cost optimization of their clouds.”


“proIO is a Private Cloud Provider dedicated to supporting German SMBs across various industries through its Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Managed Hosting solutions, based out of Frankfurt, Germany. With a strong belief in open-source technology, proIO leverages its extensive experience with Apache CloudStack to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers.

Apache CloudStack enables proIO to offer highly customized solutions with its minimal footprint, flexibility, ease of use, and compatibility with standard hardware. These attributes allow proIO to optimize and streamline its customers’ IT infrastructure, reflecting our commitment to providing efficient, customer-focused solutions.

Our commitment to open-source principles is demonstrated through active participation in community events, where we share insights and engage in meaningful dialogue with the CloudStack community. This ongoing involvement helps foster innovation and collaboration within the open-source ecosystem.

Supporting the CloudStack Collaboration Conference (CCC) is a natural extension of our values and mission. By sponsoring CCC, we aim to strengthen our connection with the CloudStack community, promote innovation, and contribute to the development of open-source technologies that are crucial to our operations. The conference offers a valuable platform for knowledge exchange, networking with industry peers, and staying updated on the latest advancements in cloud technology, all of which are essential for our continuous commitment to our customers and the broader tech community.”


“We fuel the growth and competitiveness of companies with a robust network infrastructure and two state-of-the-art data centers.

Our hallmark is an unwavering commitment to customer focus and clear, direct offerings.

We view digitalization not just as a mere trend but as an accelerator of technological and cultural transformations. We trust human relationships because we believe they are the lifeblood of technological innovation.

Proud owners of C21, the Tier IV Compliant Data Center located in the heart of Caldera Park, Milan, and E100, our Data Center in Rome.

Our team contributes to the CloudStack community by actively reporting bugs and suggesting improvements to the developers. Additionally, in the coming months, we plan to start developing several small features that we will make publicly available once completed. By participating in this way, we aim to support the continuous improvement and evolution of the CloudStack platform, contributing to its reliability and functionality for all users. Our commitment to these efforts reflects our dedication to fostering a vibrant and collaborative open-source ecosystem. 

We are supporting the CloudStack Collaboration Conference because we firmly believe in the importance and value of these events. This in-person gathering is a unique opportunity for the global CloudStack community and open-source technology enthusiasts to meet, establish meaningful contacts, and engage in thoughtful exchanges. By supporting this event, we are investing in the growth and development of our community, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technological advancements and best practices, while also benefiting from high-quality training and insights from community leaders, project members, and contributors.”

  • Salvatore Sciacco, R&D at CDLAN
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